Shaleena Quinlan

Shaleena comes from a long line of Midwestern farmers who have a knack for working fields and cultivating gardens.  One of her favorite memories is helping her grandma with her backyard garden.  That's how she learned how to plow the soil, sow the seeds, and tend each type of plant.  She was also privileged to learn some gardening techniques while living in the tropical islands of Papua New Guinea.  No matter where she's lived, she has always found pleasure in work with her hands to grow beautiful plants and tasty produce.

Echeveria Lola

With such a cute and quaint name, one would expect an equally cute and quaint succulent.  And, of course, this plant does not disappoint.  Resulting from hybridization between Echeveria ‘Tippy’ and Echeveria Lilacina, this lilac tinted succulent is both dainty and unfussy.  This is a true beauty that any gardener would happily include in their …

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How to Repot Succulents

Experienced succulent gardeners are well aware that there are times when a succulent should be repotted. This fact should not scare or intimidate those who are new to succulent gardening, but rather, it should be viewed as a procedure necessary for garden growth. In truth, repotting succulents is not a difficult process and, when properly …

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Senecio Vitalis (Narrow-Leaf Chalksticks): Care and Growth Guide

If your lawn and garden need something dainty, lovely to look at, and easy to grow, look no further than Narrow-Leaf Chalksticks. This succulent will fill your yard with green and luscious stems in no time at all. How to Identify Narrow-Leaf Chalksticks This succulent can be a little tricky to identify simply because it …

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